Bync is a design company specializing in creating beautiful interfaces for data heavy web and mobile apps.

Here is why some of the top tech companies choose Bync

Our Deep Knowledge of Software

Unlike the vast majority of design agencies, our designers come from a software background. Not only do we understand the technology we design, but we also know how to work with engineering teams.

Beautiful SaaS and Enterprise Apps

We are passionate about designing visually stunning apps. We design enterprise and SaaS apps that look every bit as beautiful as what you would see in a customer facing product. 

We Know Data Visualization

Data visualization is at the heart of many data-driven products. Our extensive experience in designing beautiful ways to present data in a meaningful way is something you won't find in another design agency. We know data very well.

Our Focus on the End User

Our designs are user centered. By getting to truly know and understand your users, we're able to design a user experience based on solid research and data, rather than simply designing what we think will look good.

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Don't tarnish your brand with a poorly designed user experience.

Great user experiences drive sales and brand loyalty.

Thinking of design as an afterthought is a thing of the past. Business leaders now understand that great user experiences play an integral part in the software business. Don't let your sales suffer because your application is perceived as out-of-date due to poor design.

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What We Offer

Interface Design

User Experience

User Research

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